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LED Test Tweezers from Siborg Systems Inc.

LED Test Tweezers

Test LEDs, switches, fuses, and circuitry quickly with just a touch

Smart Tweezers ManualLED Test Tweezers Manual

Easy-to-Use Handheld Tester

LED Test Tweezers and LCR-meter The New LED Test Tweezers offer users an easy way to test and troubleshoot LEDs, switches, fuses, components and PCB circuitry with just a touch.

Designed for testing LEDs, the LED Test Tweezers use a 12VDC output with variable current ratings of 5mA, 10mA and 20mA. To determine polarity, simply look at the arms of the device; red signifies cathode (+) and grey for anode (-). The sharp bronze phosphor tips are sharp enough to reach even the smallest components on a crowded PCB.

For testing small components, LED Test Tweezers can be connected to a multimeter using the included cable. When connected, the device acts as tweezer probes for the LCR-meter, making testing components easier.

The device is only 50 grams and 15cm long making it portable enough to carry in a bag to on-the-field-jobs.

FeaturesFeatures on LED Test Tweezers

  • Open Fuse and Short Check
  • LED Light Test with 12VDC output
  • Adjustable current setting; 20mA, 10mA and 5mA
  • PCB Circuit Conductive Test
  • SMD or Small Component Test
  • Included connector cable for Multimeter Connection
  • Comes with carrying case and tweezer cap
  • Internal Buzzer
  • Light Ring Indicator turns on when in contact

Included items with LED Test Tweezers
Product Specifications
Battery:23AE 12V
  1. LCR-meter connector cable
  2. Battery
  3. Bag
  4. Tweezer Cap
LED Testing:12VDC Output
20mA, 10mA, 5mA Adjustable current rating

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30 days money back guarantee.
Limited time Offer: 2 Years Warranty

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